About Us

Paul diagnosing a commercial dish washer

All Catering Maintenance Pty Ltd is a South Australian company working with Nursing Homes, Hotel chains, Suppliers and small businesses in Adelaide and surrounding areas, with a proven track record, over the past 20 years.

We specialise in electrical and mechanical breakdowns, maintenance, installations and some sales of Commercial Catering Equipment.  

Planned Maintenance and Staff Training

We at ACM believe that by keeping up a program of Planned Maintenance and Staff Training, your equipment will live a longer life with less downtime, which will ultimately cost your business less and will help avoid those unplanned outages. Talk to our service department today to discuss a Planned Maintenance program for your equipment.


ACM also specialise in commissioning new equipment for you to ensure that your machinery is working at its best from the day it is installed. We work to the manufacturers guidelines to help you get the very best performance from your brand new equipment.